San Marco community parking concerns to be discussed


William Ferrigno reported to Historic City News this weekend that residents, merchants and business owners in the San Marco Avenue corridor, between West Castillo Drive and SR-16 (Picolata Road), have called a meeting to discuss proposed changes to traffic and parking on San Marco Avenue.

San Marco Avenue is part of SR-A1A, and, as a state road, it falls under the sole jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Transportation. However, the City of St Augustine has been allowed to express their “preference” for planned maintenance that will include the removal of certain curbside parking as the roadway is re-surfaced and re-striped.

“Two of the City’s three proposed scenarios will remove all on-street parking to add bike lanes and shuttle lanes,” Ferrigno said. “On-street parking is vital to our survival in the historic San Marco Shopping District. Removal of on-street parking will be devastating to businesses and property values.”

According to Ferrigno, residents are also concerned that removal of free parking on San Marco Avenue will contribute to more unwanted parking in their neighborhoods.  Not having on-street parking on San Marco Avenue will also make access to goods and services extremely difficult, especially to the physically-challenged.

Planning to attend are St Augustine Mayor Nancy Shaver, City Mobility Program Manager Rueben Franklin, and a representative from the Florida Department of Transportation.

If you can attend, the meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 14th at the Limelight Theater located at 11 Old Mission Avenue in St Augustine, with displays available for viewing beginning at 6:00 p.m. and the meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m.