A wise monkey doesn’t monkey with another monkey’s monkey

Ron DeSantis is hoping to rebound from an attack strategy that has “Blue Wave” written all over it this week as he makes a bold move to instate Ponte Vedra Beach resident Susie Wiles to reboot his campaign.

On August 29th, the day after President Trump’s endorsement helped clinch the Republican Primary Election nomination for Florida Governor, DeSantis warned Florida voters not to “monkey this up” by supporting Democratic opponent Andrew Gillum, who is hoping to become Florida’s first black governor. Democrats who call themselves “progressive”, criticized the remark as racist.

St Johns County elections, even local municipal government elections, have been distracted during the past two election cycles from the limited qualifications of overtly liberal Democrats to even more limited qualifications of bettering overarching social issues, many of which were led into existence by the noble donkey.

DeSantis’ advisors tell Historic City News that Wiles’ helped President Donald Trump carry the state two years ago. They are hoping DeSantis’ campaign events will be transformed under Wiles’ guidance from subdued to lively, that fundraising will pick up, and the attack on Tallahassee Mayor Gillum will become more focused. There are positive indications during Wiles’ first week on the job that progress is being made.

During Republican Governor Rick Scott’s 2010 campaign, Wiles worked closely with the governor’s communications director to help squeak out a razor-thin victory — despite being down in the polls a month before that election. President Trump, Governor Scott, and DeSantis are all hoping lightning will strike twice for Susie Wiles.

In the first three days after the primary, Mayor Gillum hauled in $2.3 million, compared with less than $250,000 raised by DeSantis’ committee in the same period. While Gillum was drawing large crowds of energetic supporters, DeSantis’ crowds were sparse and lacked similar enthusiasm, according to reporting by Associated Press.

If DeSantis is going to turn around the campaign, the time is now. Last week, 2.6 million mail-in ballots were shipped to voters and are already starting to trickle back.

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