Buzz: DeSantis running “most cynical and lily-livered campaign”


Historic City News readers following the Florida politics blog “The Buzz”, are familiar with Tampa Bay Times political editor Adam C. Smith; who created the award-winning news source and has been with the Times since 1992.

In this week’s “Winner of the week” and “Loser of the week”, Smith tags Republican gubernatorial hopeful, Ponte Vedra Beach congressman Ron Desantis, for spending too much time on Robert Mueller and the asylum seekers heading toward Texas, and not enough time talking to Floridians about Florida.

The good news for Florida, according to Smith, is that approval ratings for current Governor Rick Scott look good as he prepares to give his Democratic opponent, incumbent US Senator Bill Nelson, his toughest challenge in decades.

“The former “tea party” governor has earned broad-based goodwill from Floridians,” Smith wrote, awarding Scott the “Winner of the week”.  The editor credits Scott’s performance during Hurricane Irma, and his mild bucking of the NRA after the Parkland massacre for the governor’s “remarkably strong position” considering the anti-Trump headwinds Republicans are facing this election cycle.

Smith says he has found DeSantis to be in favor of friendly interviews on Fox News about national issues and unavailable for interviews with reporters who might ask him questions about state policy.

“Unlike Richard Corcoran and Adam Putnam, DeSantis rarely, if ever, answers questions from Florida voters outside of private events,” Smith said.

Smith reveals that so far Ron DeSantis “is running perhaps the most cynical and lily-livered campaign Florida has seen.”  Smith challenged DeSantis to be more available to local Florida-based reporters who Smith says he avoids talking to.  “No guts, no glory, Ron”, Smith concluded, awarding DeSantis “Loser of the week”.