Contextualization Advisory Committee applicants

Historic City News has obtained the 39 applications submitted by volunteers who have asked to be considered for appointment to a seven-member Confederate Memorial Contextualization Advisory Committee by the City of St Augustine.

City Manager John Regan is reviewing the assorted applications for accuracy and will select seven recommendations to present to the City Commission at its October 23, 2017 meeting. The commission may accept Regan’s recommendations, or nominate one or more applicants of their own choosing from the pool of qualified applicants.

“Ideally, the members will include, among others, those who have credentials as historians, educators, heritage tourism professionals, and artists,” Regan said, describing how he will choose his recommendations.

Mayor Nancy Shaver has reviewed the list of applicants submitted during the six-week window before the December 29, 2017 deadline. She told Historic City News that all the applicants are of excellent quality and that the commission should have no problem selecting seven.

“I am encouraged so many citizens would offer themselves to do the heavy lifting that will be asked of the seven advisors during the coming months,” Mayor Shaver told reporters. “This proves to me that there is considerable public interest in making sure we get this undertaking done right.”

Following are images of each of the applications together with any supporting documents provided to Historic City News by the City Clerk.


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