Descendants of Constitution Plaza War Memorial sought

In St Augustine, the statewide group, “Save Their Honor” is seeking descendants of the 44 local soldiers whose names are inscribed on the Plaza de la Constitution Confederate War Memorial as part of a program to help protect the memorial honoring their family members.

Those veterans listed on the Memorial died during the American Civil War between 1861-1865.

  • Peter Masters
  • John M. Llambias
  • Antonio Mickler
  • Jacob Mickler
  • Joseph Noda
  • Eusebio Pacetti
  • Frank Papy
  • Marine Papy
  • Edward Papy
  • Bartolo Pinkham
  • Nathaniel Powers
  • John Ponce
  • Thomas Ponce
  • R. Jenckes Reid
  • Richard Russell
  • Felix Rante
  • Henry Bryan
  • Samuel Buffington
  • Napiano Capalla
  • Gaspar Capparas
  • John Stevens
  • Hanaro Triay
  • James Walton
  • Frank W. Weems
  • J. Westcott Willard
  • Archibald Gould
  • Joseph Andreu
  • Francis Baya
  • Casmiro Benet
  • Henry Bridier
  • Louis Bridier
  • James Hanson
  • William J. Hardee
  • James Hurlburt
  • Edward C. Humphries
  • Jose Irwin
  • R. Francis Dancy
  • Henry G. Dunham
  • Abraham Dupont
  • Andrew Floyd
  • Phillip Gomez
  • Antonio Lopez
  • Alfonse Lopez
  • William Dupont

If you are a descendant of any of these men, you are asked to contact for more information about this program.

The memorial was originally erected by the Ladies Memorial Association of St Augustine in 1872 and later moved to its permanent home in the Plaza in 1879 by the privately-funded citizens group.

“Save Their Honor” is a state-wide organization that seeks to honor Florida’s veterans by protecting memorials to their service. More information about the organization is available on their website at