Ethics Commission finds lack of legal sufficiency

Historic City News learned that the State of Florida Commission on Ethics reviewed complaints made by St Augustine Beach resident, Tom Reynolds, a candidate for City of St. Augustine Beach Commission Seat 3, in closed session during its recent meeting in Tallahassee on July 27, 2018.

Chairman Guy Norris announced to the press on August 1st that the Commission reviewed thirteen complaints for legal sufficiency during that meeting.

“These reviews are limited to questions of jurisdiction and determinations as to whether the contents of the complaint are adequate to allege a violation of the Code of Ethics or other laws within the Commission’s jurisdiction,” Norris told Historic City News local reporters in St Augustine this week.

Chairman Guy Norris

As no factual investigation precedes the reviews, the Commission’s conclusions do not reflect on the accuracy of the allegations made in these complaints.

The Commission dismissed the following local complaints for lack of legal sufficiency:

JAMES WILSON, St. Augustine Beach City Attorney

UNDINE GEORGE, St. Augustine Beach City Commissioner

MARGARET ENGLAND, St. Augustine Beach City Commissioner

DONALD SAMORA, St. Augustine Beach City Commissioner

The Florida Commission on Ethics is an independent nine-member commission formed in 1974 to review complaints filed under the statutory Code of Ethics and to answer questions from public officials about potential conflicts of interest through its issuance of advisory opinions.

If the Ethics Commission believes a violation of the law may have occurred, it may decide to hold a public hearing. 

If it concludes a violation has been committed, it may recommend civil penalties including removal from office or employment and fines up to $10,000 per violation.

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