FDOT to rehabilitate Crescent Beach Bridge

The Florida Department of Transportation announced to local Historic City News reporters that they will spend an estimated $3 million dollars on the upcoming Crescent Beach Bridge (SR-206) rehabilitation project scheduled to begin in mid-January.

The rehabilitation work is part of maintenance that is vital to protecting and extending the lifespan of the structure, according to the FDOT who controls both the bridge and state highway.

Construction work will include corrosion protection, concrete repairs, and replacing the fishing pier at the bridge. For the safety of the public and construction workers, the fishing pier will be closed to the public during various phases of the project.

To minimize traffic impacts during construction, lane closures will not be allowed from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Lanes may be closed intermittently to allow access of concrete pumping trucks and equipment during construction. The bridge will not be closed to complete work unless unforeseen circumstances occur.

Freyssinet, Inc. is estimated to complete the $3 million project by late 2019, not including specific holidays, special events and unforeseen circumstances.