Guard Support Unit prepares for deployment to Afghanistan

Congressman John Rutherford addressed men and women of the 2153rd Financial Management Support Detachment of the Florida National Guard yesterday at the Mark W. Lance Armory.

One of three Support Detachments of the 153rd Financial Management Support Unit, the 2153rd is located at 190 San Marco Avenue in St Augustine where the send-off was held.

“I had the tremendous honor of speaking to these patriotic men and women as they prepared for deployment to Afghanistan in support of US National Security objectives,” Rutherford told Historic City News reporters. “The thoughts and prayers of a grateful nation are with you and your families as you serve us on this mission.”

The Florida National Guard not only defends us abroad, but also supports us at home as most recently evidenced by their activation of 7,700 soldiers and airmen in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

The Guard conducted search and rescue operations, established 352 shelters in 42 counties across the state, and distributed 4.8 million meals and 6.4 million liters of water during the recovery from that devastating event.

Rutherford concluded his remarks saying, “God bless these men and women and their families – we look forward to welcoming you home soon.”

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