Guest: Who Won the Midterm Election?


Lance Thate, Chairman
Saint Augustine Tea Party

For Historic City News

I ask the question. “Who Won the Midterm Election?” We had an Election without journalistic coverage. The Main Stream Media did not perform their duties. Major television networks, ABC, NBC and CBS, are only background noise in the scheme of things.

The election came and went with the various media outlets, most notably the cable TV coverage, failing to separate their prejudice from their reporting. CNN on one side and Fox News on the other conducted “Pep Rallies” to further their partisan teams.

On the morning following the election, November 7th, “Fox and Friends”, with their more newly acquired entertainers, glibly announced that in the midterm election the Republicans won, the Democrats won, and President Trump won. They reported that the Democrats won the House, the Republicans won the Senate and President Trump was more influential than any previous president in history,.

This was their analysis. How nice, everybody’s a winner. The Fox News “Reporters” must have been educated in government schools where everybody wins in the collective utopia. Fox News has replaced journalism with festive giggling. Their hype totally missed the ramifications of the election.

The Republicans didn’t win because they won the Senate. The Republicans won because they lost the House. For the past eight years, embarrassingly, the Republicans have failed to uphold their Constitutional responsibilities.

In 2010 the Tea Party movement put the Republicans in control of the House. From 2010 until 2016 the House Republicans dutifully funded the Obama Administration and the Deep State at every turn. The “Crybaby Republicans” claiming they did not have enough power to do otherwise. They needed to have the Senate and the Presidency.

The real GOP embarrassment occurred after they secured the Senate and the Presidency. For the past two years, the Republican-controlled government failed to deliver on their promises, and to support their President. Preferring to cater to their “Deep State” friends.

By losing the House the Republicans are off the hook. They can go back to playing a blame game instead of governing. The House loss is a win for the Republicans, but a loss for the American people.

The Democrats didn’t win the house, they got it by default.

The sequence of “Speaker of the House” from Pelosi to Boehner, to Ryan, to Pelosi has not and will not affect the direction of the government. The structure will remain the same. The wallpaper will change. The winner is the Deep State and the corruption associated with it.

The investigations in the House will be re-directed away from the principal players in the Obama Administration and more importantly on Washington, DC, itself and directed against the current President. The truth be told, it’s what everybody in Washington wants, both Republican and Democrat.

The “Blue Wave”, that the Democrats expected, was neutralized by an equally large “Red Wave”. Both sides were highly motivated. What the election verified was a deeply divided country in terms of populations.

The great landmasses represented by about half the people and the small isolated densely populated urban areas which represent the other half. This is going to create a huge problem. People living in the vastness of America are not prepared to submit their interests to a few major metropolitan areas.

The degree of radicalization of the Democrat Party is widely known. This election year reveals that Democrats are now willing to run Communist Party platform candidates in full view.

Wins in two traditionally conservative deep south states surprised many analysts. In two high-profile Governor races and in two Senate races, Republicans initially won victories with extremely small margins. In two states that should have been conservative windfalls, Ted Cruz (R) narrowly beat Beth O’Rourke (D) in their Texas Senate race and Martha McSally (R) narrowly beat Kirsten Sinema (D) in their Arizona Senate race. In Florida, Ron DeSantis (R) won a narrow gubernatorial victory before receiving a concession call from Andrew Gillum (D) on election night. In Georgia, Brian Kemp (R) squeaked out a win over Stacey Abrams (D) in their race for governor.

The close margins have, of course, prompted some of the candidates to ask for recounts. Joseph Stalin once said, “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.”

So, the disposition of high office hangs in the balance between Communists and those who subscribe to the capitalist system and the Constitution.

The Democrats have a long history of subscribing to Chairman Stalin’s comment. In the corrupt urban centers of America, there will always be Supervisors of Elections who will find the necessary votes for the Democrats to prevail. The mid-term election of 2018 is now in the process of losing voter confidence.

  • The first State of the Union address was given by George Washington on January 8, 1790. The internal structure of the union, from 1790 to present, has been considerably strong. Regardless of political party, Americans were always Americans first.
  • The exception came in the State of the Union address of President James Buchanan; read December 3, 1860 on the eve of the War between the States. The President asked, “Why is it, then, that discontent now so extensively prevails, and the Union of the States, which is the source of all our blessings, is threatened with destruction?”
  • Many in the Washington establishment chose to boycott President Trump’s first State of the Union address in January 2018. In his second State of the Union address, will the 45th President be forced to recognize the division that Buchanan did in 1860?

The massive division will be intensified because large portions of the population mistakenly believe that we live in a democracy. We are in fact a constitutional republic. The people living in the red zone are not going to surrender their liberty to the tyrants of blue zone democracy.

The midterm election solved nothing, nobody won this election. And, the Deep State continues.  The lesson that history teaches us is that when elections do not resolve problems, the problems are solved by war. God help us.