HCN Reader spots driver involved in possible battery

When one observant Historic City News reader was waiting downtown to pick his teenage son up from work, the driver of a burgundy red Ford Mustang coupe sped up to a Flagler-College-aged female on the east-sidewalk of Cordova Street, threw open the passenger door, and began yelling for her to get into the car.

When she hesitated, the witness, who was standing about 40-feet away, feared the young woman may have been being abducted; so, he took photographs of the unfolding incident.  In the verbal exchange between the driver and pedestrian, the driver hollered that he “just punched an old man in the face” and further said, that he “has to get out of here now”.

“She jumps in and they drove off — leaving the scene speeding north on Cordova Street,” the witness told local reporters.  “That was the last the I saw of them.”  According to his smartphone, the witness said that he called the city police at 3:38 p.m., and shortly thereafter, two bicycle officers arrived to take his report and a look at photographs of the incident.

The passenger was observed wearing blue jeans and a dark waist-length leather jacket.  The driver had “dark frizzy looking hair”.  Both were white and appeared to be in their late 20’s or early 30’s.  The witness did not get a look at the license plate, according to his report to us.

The officers said that they had not heard anything yet, but that they were heading down Saint George Street to see if they could find out anything more.  Our reader also called the Sheriff’s Office to provide his contact information and to report that he saw the driver’s face.

“I told the police and sheriff’s dispatcher that if I saw either of them again, I could identify them,” the witness said.  Although they appeared to know one another, neither called to the other using any names that the witness immediately recalled.

If you know more about this incident, or the identity of a victim in this possible battery, please contact police.

Photo credits: © 2018 Historic City News contributed photograph.

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