How did this happen? The “Indivisibles” are divided?

Indivisible St Johns appears to be divided in their endorsement for Florida’s next governor. In fact, according to an announcement to Historic City News yesterday, statewide voting by local Indivisible groups resulted in a national gubernatorial endorsement of Andrew Gillum. “Please know that this national office endorsement does not constitute an endorsement by our group,” the locally divided-indivisible group wrote to its members.

The Indivisible’s purpose in life seems to be to work every day, in whatever capacity they can, to defeat the Trump agenda. The St Johns County Indivisible group claims to have “a large email list”, reportedly close to 600 names, as well as a large facebook following of 700, or so, and somewhere over 2000 followers on Twitter.

So how did the Indivisible Project, or Indivisible National, qualify Andrew Gillum as their pick for governor of Florida? Come to find out that Gillum was the only candidate endorsed by a local Florida Indivisible group that returned a completed questionnaire. Another local group endorsed Gwen Graham, but Graham did not return the completed questionnaire to the national office.

A discussion about Primary Election endorsements reportedly met opposition by most of the Indivisible groups attending a recent meeting in Ocala. Local Indivisible groups who wanted to make endorsements in local elections were okay, but in the statewide and Federal primaries, the consensus was to let the voters decide for themselves.

For whatever reason, the Indivisible Project, a 501(c)4 umbrella organization for all the volunteer districts, and Indivisible National announced their national endorsement. Indivisible St Johns was not comfortable with that action. They wasted no time issuing the following statement to their members, “Indivisible St Johns did not participate in this endorsement process.”

“We keep doing our daily actions, our calls, postcards, visits, canvassing and talking to our neighbors and strangers alike,” the announcement concluded. “It’s important to remain focused on the goal and staying on the issues. We’re all after the same things: a better life for everyone, no matter race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, religious beliefs, ability or ethnic background.”

The endorsement issue will be on the agenda at the Indivisible St Johns General Meeting on Thursday August 2, at 7:00 p.m.