Letter: All candidates with “R” after their name are not Republican

Andrea L. Anthony, CPA, CDFA®

Former Director, Ponte Vedra Republican Club

Former Vice Chair SJC Republican Executive Committee

Former Treasurer SJC Republican Executive Committee

Dear Historic City News editor:

I have been a Ponte Vedra resident for over 30 years. I have voted Republican in every election held since I turned 18. We, here in St. Johns County, enjoy a standard of living brought to us by largely Republican governing, Republican values and consistently low taxes. Republican values and philosophy matter more than experience.

For that reason, we as voters need to know that our Republican county commission candidates hold those same values.  Some do not.  Many highly successful corporate executives have values diametrically opposed to our Republican values.  They believe in bigger government, higher taxes, and fewer personal property rights.  Those are the values of the “other” party.

When voting for County Commissioner, in the Republican primary, voters should make sure that their Republican values will be upheld and reflected in the governing style of the candidate of their choice.  Governing is not at all the same as running a business.  People who govern have the power to force you to give them your money. Corporate executives do not and thus do not need our trust in that same way.

Find out how long candidates have been Republican. If they have decided to “become” a Republican within the last few years, then ask “What was your epiphany?” If they are honest, they will say that since Republican registered voters far outnumber Democrats in this county, they cannot win an election without an “R” after their name on the ballot.

Our choices during the Republican primary include retired corporate executives who very recently “became” Republicans OR a lifelong Republican and recent combat veteran who continues to serve his country faithfully. He is also a highly successful entrepreneur who will bring fresh ideas to our County Commission. We do not need yet another retired corporate executive who recently switched parties. We need proven values. We need new ideas and innovation. We do not need higher taxes but redirected and less spending.

Vote Republican.  But, not just the letter — make sure the values are there, as well.

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