Letter: Let citizens vote to elect Chief of Police

Merrill Paul Roland
St Augustine, FL

Dear Historic City News editor:

The Oldest City in America, established in 1565, has an un-accredited police department, mismanaged by an incompetent, Napoleonic, vertically challenged Chief of Police – Barry “Barney” Fox.

Chief Fox was appointed solely by the City Manager, John Regan. Neither Mayor Shaver nor the members of the St Augustine City Commission have any input in this selection.

The affected 14-thousand residents and taxpayers have no choice and no voice in the selection of their top law enforcement official.

This is America?

• Morale in the historic city’s police department is at a historic low.

• Trained, educated and experienced officers have left the St Augustine Police Department.

• Although some officers have shown blatant-incompetence or dishonesty, others have been promoted.

It is time for the +- 14 thousand residents and taxpayers in America’s Oldest City to make their choice then vote for their selection and elect our choice for chief of police.

I believe we should go through the process to amend our charter to allow this election by the people of our chief of police in 2020.