Letter: Behavior by black church leader must stop



Letter: Behavior by black church leader must stop

Shane Boen
St Augustine, FL

Dear Historic City News editor:

I would like to know what the City will be doing to address these ongoing and now personal threats to a majority of our population?

This weekend I watched these people parade freely throughout the city, doing nothing but spreading their hate.

Now I find this posted on Facebook for all to see.


I am tired of being told that these behaviors are merely an exercise of their “freedom of speech”. The First Amendment offers no protection to “hate speech” or the consequences that arise from the use of such racial slurs and epithets.

We all know that if the other “N” word was being used, or we were walking around saying “F black people”, we would rightfully be chastised and shut down.

So why is the city not doing anything to stop these hate groups from continuing?

This is a disturbing and progressing force of violence that these groups are known for. They are telling you what they want! And it’s to rid our city, every city, of what they don’t like.

There must be something done besides ignoring these troublemakers and hoping they go away. I expect the city leaders to put a stop to this. They have threatened our community and it is the city’s responsibility to protect us all.

I look forward to seeing this resolved immediately.

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