Obituary: Robert R Kahler advocate for better government

Midday Friday, local Historic City News reporters learned of the death of St Augustine Beach activist, 89-year-old Robert R Kahler at Community Hospice Bailey Family Center for Caring at Flagler Hospital.

In June 1990, Bob and his late wife Emily B Kahler, moved to the beach from New York. They lived together in retirement at 29 Sunfish Drive until her death in 2006. Kahler’s son Robert is here, and will be taking Bob to Saratoga New York, to be at rest with Emily.

Out of about 6,000 residents of the City of St Augustine Beach, Kahler, an outspoken advocate for better government, attended and spoke at most every Commission meeting. Former Beach Commissioner and Mayor S. Gary Snodgrass described Kahler as “having strong opinions about almost everything” and having the courage to express them.

“Bob was a part of the “colorful fabric” of our community, and we will remember his energy and unrestrained comments,” said citizen activist and another regular commission meeting attendee, Merrill Paul Roland. “There was never a boring meeting with Bob there.”

“I am saddened by the loss of this good man. He had passion and wanted to make our city a better community,” Snodgrass wrote. “We had a very pleasant conversation a few weeks ago and agreed to meet over breakfast soon. I shall miss Bob, barbs and all.”

Snodgrass said that although Kahler frequently referred to him as “the worst mayor in the city’s history”, that was okay. According to the former mayor, “he was just trying to stir the pot a bit. Rest in peace, old friend.”

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