One minute and twelve seconds of a happier time

St Augustine resident Tony Hopcraft shared the following video with a mutual friend of mine and Historic City News, Elaine Fraser.

According to Hopcraft, his son bought an old camera on ebay.  Two of the Fraser family businesses appear in the clip which was reported to have been shot in 8mm.

“Lo and behold this film was in it,” Hopcraft exclaimed!  He explained in another post that he projected the film onto a closet door and then recorded it with his smartphone.  Technology, right?


Fraser is asking if anyone can help date this film which appears to have been taken sometime in the 1960’s.  The landmarks are a delight to view, especially for those old-timers like Historic City News editor Michael Gold.

It had to be BEFORE 1973, because that was the year City Hall opened in the Alcazar building.  The film shows City Hall and the Fire Department when they were on Hypolita Street. My best guess is around 1965 because of the influx of tourists for the 400th Anniversary.

Comment below if you see any clues as to when it may have been photographed.

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