Oregon violent fugitive captured in Palm Coast

Life on the run for a fugitive who was able to elude authorities for almost two years was brought to an abrupt end this morning when the US Marshal Service Pacific Northwest Violent Offender Task Force apprehended a fugitive from justice who was wanted in multiple states for violent crimes.

Historic City News was advised that US Marshals tracked fugitive Jody Reynolds to a residence in the B-Section of Palm Coast where he was staying with his girlfriend.  Reynolds is a fugitive from Jackson County, Oregon; wanted for his involvement in the violent home invasion robbery of a local marijuana dispensary in December of 2016.

“This is another great example of team work between agencies that got a very violent offender off the streets,” Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly told local reporters. “Let it be known to criminals across the country; if you think you can commit a crime and then hide-out in Flagler County, we will find you and you will be arrested.”

Sheriff Staly

According to Oregon authorities, during the robbery, Reynolds took part in beating the owner of the marijuana dispensary with a crow bar and firewood.  Reynolds also burned the victim repeatedly with a torch lighter.  After beating the store owner and leaving him for dead, Reynolds and his crew loaded stolen marijuana into a rented truck.

In haste, they crashed the truck into a neighbor’s front yard.  Anxious to make their getaway, the thieves decided to abandon the disabled vehicle.  They told the neighbor they would return to tow the vehicle.  The homeowner took pictures of the truck and license plate and provided them to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement officers surrounded the Palm Coast residence this morning and were about to make entry when Reynolds came outside and attempted to get on his bicycle.  He was immediately stopped and arrested without incident. 

Reynolds is in custody at the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility, being held, without bond, as a fugitive from justice.Charges against Reynolds in Oregon include (1) count of assault in the first degree; (2) counts of robbery in the first degree; (1) count of robbery in the second degree; (2) counts of assault in the second degree; (1) count of burglary in the first degree; (1) count of assault in the third degree; and (1) count of aggravated theft in the first degree.  Reynolds is also wanted in Alabama for felony failure to appear on dangerous drugs charges.  Reynolds will be extradited back to Oregon to be held accountable for his crimes.