Public comments sought on San Marco Avenue design

Historic City News readers, and the community, have only a few days remaining to submit comments regarding the update to design standards for San Marco Avenue; from its north intersection with US 1, south to Castillo Drive.

The proposed guidelines, information about the updating process, and instructions on how to submit comments are all available on the San Marco Avenue Design Standards web page.

“The guidelines are concerned only with the appearance of San Marco Avenue,” city project planner Amy Skinner told local reporters. “They do not impact the right-of-way or sidewalks, will not change the scope or area where the requirements need to be met, are not related to any mobility planning issues, and will not manage or change traffic patterns on San Marco Avenue.”

Earlier this month, a joint meeting of the Planning and Zoning Board and the Historic Architectural Review Board met and discussed the proposed revised guidelines.

St. Augustine public affairs contact, Melissa Wissel, cautioned that if you would like to participate in this project, the deadline for submitting comments for this project is Monday, March 5.

Your comments may be submitted via email directly to Skinner at, or to the private consultant coordinator, Jeremy Marquis, at

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