Results of County Republican Party elections


The Republican Party of Florida’s acting chair in St Johns County, Jerry Cameron, was confirmed by election on Monday evening July 2, 2018, to serve as chairman of the local Executive Committee for the 2018-2019 term.

The Committee is composed of elected Republican committeemen and women, one pair from each of the county’s precincts.  Some precincts have more than one pair depending on the number of registered Republican voters.  Committee members vote every two-years to select a State Committeeman and State Committeewoman who represent St Johns County at the state convention and other RPOF functions.

St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee
Election Monday July 2, 2018


Chairman Jerry Cameron
First Vice Chair -Vacant-
Second Vice Chair Gary Howell
Corresponding Secretary -Vacant-
Recording Secretary -Vacant-
Treasurer Dennis Kompare
State Committeeman Tom Rivers
State Committeewoman Elizabeth Granite


Historic City News confirmed that, as of today, St Johns County has 95,765 registered Republican voters.  They are the largest single political party in the county, representing about half of all registered voters.  By comparison, there are only 42,595 registered Democrats in St Johns County.  In addition to 1,521 voters registered with minor political parties, there are 42,075 voters who are registered without party affiliation.

In recent months, the Republican Executive Committee has undergone considerable upheaval; culminating in the resignation of several officers and the removal of former chair William Korach by Republican Party of Florida chairman, Blaise Ingoglia.