Roland says Beach event interfering with handicap parking

Asian reporter Merrill Paul Roland informed the local Historic City News Bureau that he has observed yet another violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 42 U.S.C. chapter 126 § 12101 et seq, and Section §316.1955 F.S., §316.1955(2) F.S., and §316.1959 F.S. this time involving illegal blocking and use of designated handicapped parking spaces.

On April 20, 2018 Roland attended an Arbor Day event sponsored by the City of St Augustine Beach and held in the parking lot at City Hall.

“Event coordinator Hala Liquidera was not authorized and had no legal authority to direct or instruct the sponsors and vendors to occupy the handicap parking spaces and adjoining access aisles,” Roland told local reporters Monday. Roland possesses a valid medical permit. “I had to get out of my vehicle, to move the red cones so that I could park my car legally in the assigned parking spaces.”

Since it appeared that vendors and sponsors of the city event were allowed to illegally park their vehicles in the handicap parking spaces and red cones were placed in the handicap spaces as part of the scheme to reserve parking illegally, Roland fired off an ADA complaint to City of St Augustine Beach-City Manager, B. Max Royal and City of St Augustine Beach-ADA Coordinator, Brian Law.

When asked if he thought the complaint would help, Roland., said, “Our disabled or handicapped residents, visitors, and disabled veterans have the right to attend and enjoy events equally.”