St Johns County students considered for service academies

Congressman John Rutherford announced to local Historic City News reporters the nominations of St Johns County students being considered for appointments to the United States Air Force Academy, United States Naval Academy, United States Military Academy, and United States Merchant Marine Academy.

Each student completed a rigorous application process and underwent an interview with a panel of former military officers before being selected for a nomination to one of our nation’s service academies.

“Working with inspiring young men and women seeking appointments to one of our service academies is one of the greatest privileges I have as Representative,” Congressman Rutherford said. “I am honored to nominate some of the most qualified future leaders from our district to these prestigious institutions.”

Attending a service academy brings a commitment to serve in the military, and these young people have volunteered for that solemn duty. As military leaders, they will address many of the challenges we face in today’s volatile world.

“I thank each of them for their commitment to their fellow citizens and congratulate them for receiving nominations. I am tremendously proud to offer them unwavering support and look forward to watching the growth of these bright young leaders,” Rutherford concluded.

Each year, thousands of students from across the country apply to attend our nation’s service academies. Students must undergo a two-step process to receive an appointment to any of the academies. They must apply for a nomination from the President, or a Congressman or Senator and simultaneously complete the application criteria for admission to the academy. Students who receive both a nomination and are accepted to an academy receive an appointment to the institution.

  • United States Air Force Academy
    Henry Bergstol, Bartram Trail High School
    Jon Beshara II, St. Augustine High School
    Alicia Campbell, Creekside High School
    Maria Canon, Bartram Trail High School
    Jonathon Kurian, Allen D. Nease High School
    Constance Oswald, Allen D. Nease High School

  • United States Merchant Marine Academy
    Eric Skinner, St. Augustine High School

  • United States Military Academy
    Maria Canon, Bartram Trail High School
    James Irish, St. Johns River State College
    Nicholas Jennis, Bartram Trail High School
    Craig Lavosky, Creekside High School
    Joseph Schulper, Ponte Vedra High School
    Eric Skinner, St. Augustine High School
    Duncan Van Kouteren, Ponte Vedra High School

  • United States Naval Academy
    Jesse Gatewood, IV, Allen D. Nease High School


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