Voter fraud alert in St Johns County

Supervisor of Elections Vicky Oakes reported to Historic City News today that the Elections Office has received calls from voters reporting suspicious requests from groups presumably attempting to get potential electors registered to vote in the November General Election.

So far, Oakes says she has identified three different groups with varying causes who appear to be initiating the contacts.  Oakes cautioned that none of these mailing or other contacts are originating from the Elections Office.

“They are all prompting the receiver to register to vote,” Oakes told local reporters.  “In all cases, the receiver is already registered, but they are being asked to fill out a new form and return it to the sender with the voter’s personal information.”

Supervisor of Elections St Johns County

In a cautionary statement, the Supervisor wrote that unless the mailing comes from her office or the State of Florida Division of Elections, voters and potential voters should be leery of providing personal information.  Oakes says her office will never solicit your personal information.

If you want to register to vote or update your information, there is a secure online resource at

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