A glimpse of yesterday fit right in around America’s oldest city

St Augustine and the Renaissance World Golf Village hosted the Model T Ford Winter Tour from February 24th thru yesterday, February 28, 2019, and Historic City News photojournalist contributor Bruce Bates was on hand when visiting members held a public viewing of these classic automobiles.

Close to 140 Model T Fords were registered for this year’s tour with participants coming from 28 states, Canada and Ireland. The Model T is recognized as the first assembly line produced automobile. It began production in late 1908 and ended in late 1927, with over 15-million vehicles produced during this time, worldwide.

You might be surprised to know that as the production of the Model T increased, the cost per car decreased. What began with a selling price of over $600 per car, ended at less than $300.

Photo credits: © 2019 photographs by Bruce Bates for Historic City News

Last Sunday and Monday of this week, members of Tin Lizzies of North Central Florida and other participants could be seen around town on International Golf Parkway, SR-16, and in downtown St Augustine. Tuesday and Wednesday, the exhibitors made a pass-through in Green Cove Springs, including the North Florida Military Museum, the Ravine Gardens State Park in Palatka, Middleburg, Hastings and Spuds.

Yesterday started with a visit to Anastasia State Park and then we caught up to them at the St Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum. Guests of the St Augustine Alligator Farm were delighted to see a number of these 75 to 100-year-old vehicles in various stages of restoration and still operating on the highway — even though they seldom drive more than 35 mph.

The tour ended with an excursion through St Augustine’s Historic District and road trip to Fort Matanzas, Marineland and Palm Coast.

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