Crowell says the work is disgusting, but he is willing to get started

St Augustine resident Kevin Crowell announced to Historic City News today that he needs volunteers who are willing to help clean up some of the biggest eyesores in our community on March 2, 2019.

Operation Clean Camp 2019 is a coordinated effort where the homeless population in St Johns County will pitch in with community volunteers to clear out the remains of any abandoned homeless campsites that are clearly presenting a health and safety risk to residents in nearby neighborhoods.

Crowell is being brutally honest about the work that must be done.  It is not glamorous.  He wrote on his Facebook, “Please understand, if you volunteer to help, it’s disgusting.”

“I’ll be there all day hauling out debris, Look for my Ford F-350 pickup truck,” Crowell said.  “Our need is great.  If you have supplies, trash bags, a truck that can haul trash to the dump, etc., please meet in the clearing near the homeless camp east of the St Augustine Record Building.”

Kevin Crowell

He says that any help will make a difference, even if you can only drop-off trash bags and gloves. “Cats are everywhere, human waste, too, and many tents that must be removed,” Crowell said.

There is no way all the cleanup that needs to be done can be completed in one day.  Operation Clean Camp 2019 is focused on cleaning all the camps in St Johns County — not only on March 2nd but throughout the year.

If you have tools or supplies to donate that will be needed for the cleanup, heavy bags for yard trash, work gloves, 55-gallon trash can, bow rake or shrub rake, they can be dropped off before March 2nd at Crowell’s residence; 103 Ferdinand Street, St Augustine FL 32080.

If you can participate, wear comfortable work clothes, protective boots and either full leather or leather palm gloves to protect your hands. You may want to bring a cooler and ice with bottled water, a wide-brimmed hat and sunblock because you will be working outside.

There is a homeless camp near the railroad overpass about 400-feet due east of the St Augustine Record Building at SR-207 and SR-312. Volunteers can meet and park their vehicles in a clearing where a LifeBox (message box) has been constructed.

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