Editorial: Sometimes you just have to concentrate and ask again

The greatest consultant in the world has provided me the answers to my future.  I imagine it is the same consultant that the city manager in St Augustine has been using to get by for the last 25-years.

  1. As I see it, yes.
  2. Ask again later.
  3. Better not tell you now.
  4. Cannot predict now.
  5. Concentrate and ask again.
  6. Don’t count on it.
  7. It is certain.
  8. It is decidedly so.
  9. Most likely.
  10. My reply is no.
  11. My sources say no.
  12. Outlook not so good.
  13. Outlook good.
  14. Reply hazy, try again.
  15. Signs point to yes.
  16. Very doubtful.
  17. Without a doubt.
  18. Yes.
  19. Yes – definitely.
  20. You may rely on it.