Letter: St Augustine High School not safe for daughter

Letter: St Augustine High School not safe for daughter

Ron Herman
St Augustine, FL

Dear Historic City News editor:

My daughter attends St Augustine High School and, although Friday is the last day of class, I fear for her safe return after the summer break.  The sheriff is not watching the youth resource deputies.  The principals are not watching the teachers, and, the School Board is not watching what is happening in the district schools.

This weekend while showing me videos of her and her new friend, a few videos caught my eye. The videos I watched contained multiple students at her school taking part in violent altercations.

She told me they were sent to her at school by other students using the iPhone “Airdrop” communicator.  I was not aware that students could use their phones during class, but I learned that there are quite a few of these videos being swapped between students.  Some of the fighters bring their “cheering section”, pushing these confrontations to greater levels of violence.  I also learned that there have been multiple “street-gang fights” on campus as well.

I am sending this sample to show other parents who have children enrolled at St Augustine High School, the violence and potentially dangerous situations they are being exposed to on an apparently regular basis.

How and why is this happening in the number one school district in the state? It is sad and shameful.  In the halls, in the classrooms, outside in the parking lots, I was shocked how no youth resource deputies or teachers were nearby to stop any of these fights.  I was more shocked to learn that some of the fighters are older siblings of current SAHS students that still manage to get back on campus even though they no longer attend class there.

Has anyone else become aware of this violence occurring at the high school?