New local business invites customers who want to express their individuality

Curious Creations & Designs is now open for business in St. Augustine

If you enjoy handcrafted, one of a kind papier-mâché sculptures or paintings, or want custom designed clothing for your business or to evoke your own personal style, Curious Creations is your one-stop shop to fulfill all your creative needs.

Owner and artist, Victoria Dexter has made it her mission to create funky and fun artwork that helps people express their individuality, as well as donate a part of proceeds to worthy causes to help save our environment.

The Curious Creations & Designs website is still under construction, so, for more information check back here, where you heard it first, on Historic City News.

If you’re interested in seeing examples of her work, or are interested in a custom design while this up and coming business blooms into something beautiful, reach out to Victoria by e-mail at