Sea Oats Planting Project at St Augustine Beach

Communications and Events Coordinator Cindy Walker reported to Historic City News this morning that from March 19th through March 22, 2019, Constantine Engineering will undertake a sea oats planting project.

Sea oats are a tall, golden brown grass that grows primarily on coastal dunes. They are important to St Augustine Beach because of their extensive root system. This root system works to stabilize the dune; thus, making it more resistant to high winds and storm surges.

The goal of this project is to strengthen the dune system in order to protect, not only our coastal ecosystem, but also to prevent storm damage.

The planting location extends from 10th Street and south to the Bermuda Run subdivision’s northern boundary.

The project’s total cost, including engineering and permitting, will be $75,000 and is jointly funded by the City of St Augustine Beach, the St Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District, and St Johns County.