Senate passes resolution to ban ballot bundling

Senate Joint Resolution 74, Single-subject Limitation for Constitution Revision Commission Proposals, by Senator Rob Bradley passed unanimously off the Senate Floor, according to a report from Florida Senator Travis Hutson (R) 7th District, received by Historic City News earlier today.

The resolution would place an amendment on the ballot to ban the practice of “bundling” multiple issues into one constitutional amendment.

“This resolution will help minimize confusion for voters and empower voters to weigh in on what should or should not be in Florida’s Constitution,” Hutson told local reporters.  “If the resolution also passes in the Florida House of Representatives, the resolution will be placed on the 2020 general election ballot.”

There are three ways to amend Florida’s Constitution;

  • through a citizen initiative
  • the Legislature
  • the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission

The CRC, which convenes every 20 years, is the only method that allows amendments to be bundled together, while the citizen initiative and legislative process must limit proposed amendments to a single subject.