Seven drunk driving arrests reported during last 24-hours

Saturday night was apparently the night to drink and drive in St Johns County, according to the booking records of the St Johns County Detention Facility obtained by Historic City News reporters this morning.

Driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages sent seven to jail in the last 24-hours.  Each driver is required to post a $1,000 cash or surety bond before being released, but that is just the beginning of the cost if they are convicted.

Three accused drunk drivers arrested list Ponte Vedra Beach as their residence address.  Two listed a local St Augustine address, one Jacksonville and one Lake City address was reported.  Five of the seven arrestees are men and two are women.  Five were arrested by St Johns County deputy sheriffs and two were arrested by St Augustine city police officers.

Arrested were:

  • Dillon Lee Brown of Lake City,
  • Fredrik Tyler Haaland of Ponte Vedra Beach,
  • Sherry Lynn Harrison of St Augustine,
  • Blake Scott Hennessey of Ponte Vedra Beach,
  • Jeffrey Craig Jones of Jacksonville,
  • Erin Christian McDonald of St Augustine,
  • Noah Joseph Solaun of Ponte Vedra Beach.

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