Commissioner Waldron hospitalized in battle for his life with COVID-19

Ashley Waldron Zapata shared with Historic City News yesterday that her father, St. Johns County Commissioner Paul Waldron, “is currently in the most critical of conditions” as he lay hospitalized with the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Waldron went into septic shock and his life sustaining organs began to fail, a critical consequence of the disease that has upended our world since mid-March 2020.  Two weeks ago, then again on Tuesday, the commission wrestled with whether to mandate use of facemasks while inside St Johns County businesses if it was not possible to maintain a 6′-social-distance from other people.

“My daddy, Paul Waldron, was diagnosed with the COVID virus,” Ashley wrote on her facebook. “Please keep your family safe and pray for mine.”

Fellow county commissioner, Henry Dean, said he considers Waldron a close personal friend and that he has been praying for him.

“We are aware of Commissioner Waldron’s situation and are praying for his health and his family,” St. Johns County Administrator Hunter Conrad wrote in a statement.  “We ask each of you to pray for him and his family during this time.”