Letter: Commission voted unanimously in support of Keith Martin Field

Letter: Commission voted unanimously in support of Keith Martin Field

Jimmy Johns
St Johns County Commissioner, District 1

Dear Historic City News editor:

I read with great interest the June 24 story regarding my participation in the memorial dedication of Keith Martin Field and that some had taken issue with me highlighting my participation on Facebook.

Mr. Martin impacted the lives of many.  While I did not know him personally, I knew him by reputation.  A reputation that, according to those with whom I have spoken, was well earned as a leader in our community and mentor to our young people.  That is why, when invited to attend, I immediately accepted.

Mr. Martin’s excellent reputation in the community was also why, when there was a recommendation from the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee to name a turf field for him, I and all four of the other St. Johns County Commissioners, voted unanimously in support of it.  This was the only vote the County Commission took on this issue; therefore, I am surprised that there is any thought that I worked against the renaming of the field for Mr. Martin.

It may be of interest to your readers to know that I was not the only candidate or elected official in attendance.  In fact there were two other incumbents who are facing re-election at the event.  One posted a picture similar to mine on their Facebook page and Ms. Kendall did not seem to take issue with that posting.  Remarkably, Ms. Kendall posted the same picture on the Facebook page of the other incumbent candidate; expressing her thanks for their attendance and without any concern for asking permission of those in the picture.

Funny things happen during election season.  Supporters for one candidate or another sometimes do things that they believe will help their candidate. There are times when these are valid and important to discuss, other times it is just Swamp style “politics as usual.”

I will let your readers decide whether Ms. Kendall was sincerely offended by my Fathers’ Day message or if this was just another instance of the type of hypocrisy that so many of us have grown tired of in our political campaigns.