Letter: Face mask rule debacle

Letter: Face mask rule debacle
Bill Nesbitt

St Augustine, FL

Dear Historic City News editor:

How is it that the bright minds elected to our city and county commissions are either too clueless or disconnected from reality to understand that tourists, and some residents, are confused about their jurisdictional boundaries?

For example, the most recent orders concerning the use of face coverings enacted by the St Augustine City Commission.  St Johns County commissioners opted against adoption of such an ordinance last week.

Customers of Lowes and Walmart, each on US-1 in St Johns County, are not required to wear personal protective equipment for COVID-19.  However, just north, also on US-1, customers of Target can not shop in the store unless they are wearing an N-95 equivalent face mask because Target is on property annexed into the city limits.

That little bit of brilliance can cause already stressed customers, as well as Target employees, to become more agitated and even overtly hostile.

Don’t these self-important commissioners have any common sense or see a need for inter-governmental communication?