Letter: Why I am endorsing Chris Strickland for St Johns County Sheriff

Keith J. Perniciaro
St Johns County, FL

Dear Historic City News subscribers,

After much reflection, thought and prayer, I have determined to endorse Chris Strickland for our next sheriff.  When I withdrew from consideration for this office, I was not certain if I would make an endorsement.  However, I believe that my supporters, the people who trust and believe in me, will benefit from this recommendation.

From my 43-years of law enforcement experience, 30-years of which was earned at a command level, I learned to identify candidates who possess the skills required for success.  It is clear to me that Chris Strickland already holds the education and experience to perform the duties of sheriff.  His career as a law enforcement executive, manager, supervisor, and facilitator was earned here in St Johns County at the agency where he can best serve our community.

These are trying times with unprecedented challenges for our next sheriff.  Chris Strickland is best prepared to serve as our sheriff from his first day.

I look forward to supporting Chris Strickland for St Johns County Sheriff.  I am convinced that he has the best interests of the residents of this county in his heart.  He enjoys the help and guidance of our community leaders without owing political favors to anyone.  Join me in voting for Chris Strickland and help bring this message to all voters with your campaign contribution.

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