St Augustine Beach implements Operation Lock It Up

The St Augustine Beach Police Department reported to Historic City News that a new program is being implemented to alert property owners to make sure their valuables are removed, and their vehicles and property is secured.

Operation Lock It Up is a program that encourages people to lock up their valuables. When patrol officers observe unlocked vehicles or exposed valuables, they will utilize the Operation Lock it Up door hanger.

“Operation Lock it Up crime prevention measures include removing valuables from vehicles at night and ensuring they are locked, closing garage doors, making sure doors and windows are properly secured,” a police department spokesman said.  “You should remove valuables from vehicles, or any other structures or dwellings that may be suitable for theft.”

What do valuables include?

  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Keys
  • Wallet/Purse
  • Money/Change
  • Shopping bags

Remember to always lock your car and lock all the doors to your house including closing garage doors. You can also facilitate adequate lighting in dark areas around your house and business in order to prevent victimization.

What if I cannot move my valuables to a safe location?

This can happen when you decide to drive to the beach. Unfortunately, you may not be able to bring your valuables back to your house. We suggest that you lock your car and hide your valuables.