Two-weeks left to prepare for next month's elections

Vicky Oakes, St Johns County Supervisor of Elections and friend to Historic City News, informs our readers to be prepared for the first deadline in the 2020 Election cycle.  Eligible voters must register to vote or change party affiliation not later than February 18th to receive a ballot in the Presidential Preference Primary Election on March 17, 2020.

The March Election is only open to registered Republican and Democratic voters.  The purpose of the Republican Election is to choose one from a field of four candidates to represent the party in the General Election; and, in the Democrat Election, to choose one from a field of sixteen candidates to represent the party in the General Election.

“Online voter registration is available at  Use the link to also make updates to your voter record or to request a new voter information card,” Oakes told editor Michael Gold.  “Voter registration is available in person at your local public library, Tax Collectors Offices during regular business hours, and the Elections Office.”

Florida is a “Closed Primary” state. Voters who are registered without party affiliation or with a minor political party are not eligible to vote in the upcoming March Election.  One exception is voters who reside in the City of St. Augustine.  There are two Charter Amendments on the City of St. Augustine Special Election ballot.  All voters registered to vote in the City, regardless of party affiliation, may vote on the charter amendments if they live in the City.

Check your voter registration status at

Here is an info sheet with all the election info.

City voters can review the two Charter Amendments. For more information, you may call the Elections Office at 904.823.2238.