Warrant issued for BLM supporter who brought a handgun to Acosta funeral

A parent’s worst nightmare, the tragic death of their child, has wreaked havoc on the lives of Bryant Acosta and Tracie Cline, their friends, and family members, since their son, 28-year-old Dustin Acosta, was shot and killed by two law enforcement officers inside his Masters Drive condominium.

For the past week, since November 18, 2020, Acosta’s family has struggled; trying to make sense of the nonsensical killing of their son, raising funds, managing how to cover ongoing fixed expenses, as well as the dreadful chore of cleaning the crime scene, making funeral arrangements, and paying for them.

Possibly the worst memory for Acosta’s mother is that she was never allowed to see him in death.  Never able to pat his forehead or hold his hand and say, “goodbye”.  Head trauma from three gunshots, impact trauma from several additional chest and abdominal bullets, and the subsequent autopsy, made his remains unsuitable for viewing.  Dustin Acosta was directly cremated, and his ashes, in a red, white, and blue urn, adorned with stars and stripes, were present for his Celebration of Life.

Just when you think you have passed these overwhelming challenges and all you want is your privacy, to be alone with your family, or just to be alone, to begin coping with your grief, a tasteless stunt and threat of further violence is visited on the mourners.

Two Black Lives Matter supporters, a male wearing a highly visible “Black Lives Matter” face mask, and a female who was driving their Chevy S-10 pickup truck, crashed the private funeral. One man attending the services spotted the gatecrashers when the male intruder reached his hands in the air, exposing his shirtless belly and revealing that he was carrying a semi-automatic pistol inside the waist of his pants.

About that time, two women who were also attending the funeral approached the male intruder wearing the BLM Mask.  They were unaware that the Black Lives Matter supporter was armed with what was later confirmed to be a 9 mm pistol.  When the intruder refused to either remove his mask or turn it inside out to hide the BLM symbol, the women, whose names are being withheld for their safety, informed the pair that they were trespassing then escorted them outside of the building and to the parking lot.

When the trespassers reached their S-10, one of the women went with the male to the passenger’s side of the cab while the other followed the female driver.  As the passenger went to sit down in his seat, he reached into his waist, withdrew the firearm, and recklessly threatened the escort.  The driver’s escort could not see what was transpiring, so the passenger’s escort immediately called to her to “call 9-1-1”, which she did.  The driver pulled out of the parking space, into the parking lane, and exited the property.

At that point, the two shocked women had caused enough commotion that some of the men attending the services made their way to them to assist.  James Parham was nearby and went to the aid of the escorts.  He placed a follow-up call to the sheriff’s communications center and provided additional descriptions to assist the deputies in apprehending the trespassers.

Shortly after the search began, two deputies had eyes on the vehicle and occupants, performing a felony traffic stop on SR-207 westbound near I-95.  As officers approached the vehicle, they were able to identify the occupants, identify the pistol – which was still in the male intruder’s possession, identify the license plate, model, and color of the Chevy S-10, which was a relief.  Ostensibly, the deputies on the scene did not realize that the charges pending against the male passenger were for commission of a felony, making them an arrestable offense.  Instead, the deputy released the vehicle and its contents without making an arrest.

Realizing what had happened, the sheriff’s shift sergeant contacted the complainants back at the funeral home and explained that the witness affidavits were being forwarded to the State Attorney for prosecution and that a warrant for the arrest of the truck passenger would soon issue.

Yesterday, Historic City News verified that an arrest warrant is posted to the Active Warrant records (SJSO55ARR008654) at the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office; naming Logan Michael Guidry, a 28-year-old white transgender female, as the defendant in violation of (790.01.2 F.S.) carrying a concealed weapon; a third-degree felony ($5,000 bond), and, (790.10 F.S.) improper exhibit of a firearm; a first-degree misdemeanor ($1,500 bond).

DO NOT approach Guidry since he is known to possess at least one firearm, and he is always likely to have it in his possession.  Call “9-1-1” or the security department of the store where he is seen.

The driver of the vehicle, who accompanied Guidry into the funeral home during the service but who was not observed to be in possession of a firearm, was identified as 28-year-old Felicia Nicole Newman of St Augustine.  She is described to have blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’4″tall, weighing 130lbs.  Currently, no warrants are outstanding against Newman, however, she is still a person of interest in these crimes.

Additional background information will be provided as the investigation continues.