Bernstein honored by sheriff for decades of community service

Gary L Bernstein has spent more than half of his life in service to the school children of St Johns County schools.  In addition to working for his parents in their family-owned St George Street department store, and in customer service at the Publix grocery store on Anastasia Island, Gary found that he could use his “spare time” over the past 30+ years as a crossing guard employed by the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

There is a new administration at the department, and Gary has worked under three sheriffs, so far.  He began his employment under Sheriff Neil J Perry, served during the term of David B Shoar, and now he finds himself working, with gratitude, for Sheriff Robert A Hardwick.

In addition to being a retail-customer-service-school-crossing-guard, Gary has been a volunteer in more local charitable events than can be counted; including raising money for the Salvation Army, distributing cold water and supplies to restoration crews after three overwhelming hurricanes, and running the 1996 Olympic Torch across the Bridge of Lions.  He’s also a Friday night regular and fan favorite karaoke singer.

Recently, Sheriff Hardwick recognized Gary, who turns 61-years-old in July.  Bernstein received a framed American Flag from the sheriff, including a certificate that the flag was flown over the U.S. Capitol.