Brutnell begins prison sentence at Florida Women’s Reception Center

Department of Corrections officials reported to Historic City News on Wednesday that the woman who once controlled the multi-million-dollar budget of St Johns County’s ex-sheriff, David B Shoar, has begun the reception and classification process of her 7-year, 4-month, and 11-day sentence in Florida’s prison system.

Brutnell managed to regularly embezzle hundreds of thousands of dollars from St Johns County taxpayers over a period of more than 5-years after being appointed the Director of Finance.  Many readers have remarked that they were shocked to learn that a scheme that large was going on literally under Shoar’s nose — yet he claims that he was “completely unaware” of what was happening.

After stealing more than $700,000, Brutnell, who married the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s special agent in charge of the Regional Operations Center in Tampa, has been given what many are calling the “white-glove” and “red-carpet” treatment.

State Attorney R. J. Larizza stepped aside, requesting that the governor appoint a different prosecutor.  Shoar did not get the opportunity to investigate himself; as he did while mishandling the investigation of the Michelle O’Connell homicide, suspect beatings at the hands of his deputies, and complaints of domestic violence against officers under his command. 

However, Shoar did manage to keep Brutnell’s booking photograph and other identifying information “under wraps” while she enjoyed her freedom — out of jail on only $265k bail for more than a year.  

Those courtesies came to an abrupt halt after August 19, 2021, when she was taken to the Department of Corrections.  The Florida Women’s Reception Center located at 3700 NW 111th Place in Ocala, Florida, received their prisoner number K21224; the white female born on October 24, 1971, who was formerly known as Raye A Presby, Raye P Tanner, and currently, Raye Annette Brutnell.  She has planned a Christmas Eve release date for December 24, 2028.

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