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  • Early results in local races for elections in St Johns County

    With Election Day and mail-in ballots freshly counted, Historic City News can report the 11:00 p.m. Election Night standings.  The polls have been closed for four hours at this point.

    With 223,775 registered voters in St Johns County, there have been 142,979 ballots counted.  Mid-term elections typically don’t see the enthusiasm of voting that is shown during Presidential Elections, and this election is not much different — voter turnout reached 63.89%

    In the race for State Representative in District 19, Paul Renner (REP) wins over Adam Morley (DEM) with all 16 precincts counted.  Renner garnered 59.13% of the votes cast (17,862) to 40.87% by Morley (12,345).

    In a close race for School Board Member District 1, the incumbent Beverly Slough inched out challenger Racheal M. Hand with all 9 precincts reporting.  Slough won 52.21% (12,805) votes to Hand who won 47.79% (11,719).

    With all 11 precincts counted, School Board Member District 3 — Jennifer Collins (13,065) wins over Lauren Abell (11,863).

    The two open seats on the St Augustine City Commission have been decided with all four precincts counted.  For Seat 4, Bruce Maguire loses to Cynthia Garris (2966 for Garris and 2,506 for Maguire). 

    For Seat 5 on the St Augustine City Commission, Melinda Rakoncay loses to Jim Springfield (3,024 for Springfield and 2,761 for Rakoncay).

    With all 53 precincts counted for three seats on the St Johns County Airport Authority, challenger Michelle Cash-Chapman defeats incumbent Suzanne W. Green (39,141 votes to 36,550 votes) in the race for Seat 1.  Russ Scott trailed with 35,004 votes (31.62%).

    Dennis M. Clarke wins in the race for Airport Authority Seat 2 with 47.37% (51,932 votes) over two challengers, Beth Tate who won 32,991 votes, and David W. Venters who won 24,710 votes.

    In the race for Airport Authority Seat 3, Jennifer Liotta wins the four-way contest with 29.72% (30,813 votes) defeating John C. ”Jack” Gorman (27,169 votes), Jaime R. Topp (24,758 votes), and Susan G. Phillips (20,921 votes)

    All 19 precincts are counted in the three races for St Augustine Port, Waterway, and Beach Commission.  In Group 1, Linda Thomson wins with 12,984 votes over Sandy Flowers who won 11,493 votes.

    In Group 3, Matt Brown tops two challengers with 10,635 votes (39.70%) defeating Michelle Bennett (9,162 votes) and Harold David Bishop Jr (6,991 votes).

    In Group 5, incumbent Tom Rivers returns winning 12,728 votes (47.89%) defeating Melanie Sunshine Neale (11,037 votes) and Marco Klovanish (2,812 votes)

    Martha Gleason wins Seat 2 on the Anastasia Mosquito Control District drawing 41.78% of the votes cast (46,684) in the four-way race.  Gary Howell won 35,119 votes, Ed Slavin won 15,721 votes, followed by Will Kelman who won 14,211 votes.

    Trish Becker defeated challenger Chris George in the race for Seat 4 on the Anastasia Mosquito Control District, gathering 62,694 votes (56.75%) to 47,786 votes (43.25%).

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