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  • Guest: Hordes of many colors

    Guest: Hordes of many colors

    Special to Historic City News

    We now know the principal source of our immigration problem: hordes.

    Hordes come in a variety of hues. Remember the “yellow hordes?” They were said to threaten Western civilization, to destroy it at worst, to mongrelize it at best.

    In the 19th century, they prompted so-called Chinese exclusion laws. In the opening of the West, many such horde members were lynched while helping to build our railroads.

    And in the 1950s the prospect of millions of Chinese attacking horde-like across the border into North Korea during that war terrified Americans who were still recovering from the Nazi menace.

    It’s worthy of note that the descendants of those hordes are now matriculating at Harvard and Stanford. My goodness, how did we let that happen?

    Of course, the yellow hordes weren’t the first hordes to plague indigenous populations. You had your Viking hordes, your Mongol hordes, and your other less notorious hordes of those Middle and depressingly Dark Ages.

    Most of them marched to the rape-pillage-burn drum, and some members of today’s hordes, those of the Latino and Islamist kind, have been described as following in their footsteps.

    It’s the size of the horde that makes it especially terrifying. The Joint Staff’s enemy force structure lexicon defines a horde as equivalent to 100 divisions at a nominal strength of 20,000 members each.

    So, what we can apparently expect to have to come at us is a rabid mass of 2 million warriors or welfare parasites.

    Hordes have come and gone throughout history, always exhibiting a variety of menacing aims, skin tones, facial characteristics, hairstyles, and grunts.

    Caucasian hordes, however, are elusive and possibly even oxymoronic. Indeed, one rarely hears of WASP hordes outside a rogue apiary.

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