Fly Smart!
H W Davis
  • Local source for nuisance wildlife control

    Intuitive Trapping in St Augustine reported to Historic City News that they are a state-licensed, humane nuisance wildlife removal service available to help you today with your “wildlife crisis”.

    Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators may register with (but are not regulated by) the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. They must follow all applicable rules and regulations concerning nuisance wildlife removal. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission maintains a searchable registry as a public service. Being listed in the registry does not constitute an endorsement by the Agency.

    “We trap and relocate animals like snakes, armadillos, and raccoons,” said Ariel Ortiz with Intuitive Trapping and Wildlife Removal. “Additionally, we can provide deterrent programs.”

    When time is of the essence, you can receive a quote by e-mail at or by calling (904) 325-2502 the next time you encounter nuisance wildlife.

    Nuisance Wildlife Removal is a commercial activity offered by private businesses. Customers should expect to be charged for nuisance wildlife control services. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recommends that customers receive quotes from different providers, request, and check references, verify the provider is insured, and check for any complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau or similar organizations.

    Paid solicitation is not endorsed by Historic City News

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