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  • Orlando Ramirez II receives recognition for promoting historical figures

    By: Raphael Cosme

    Historic City News photojournalist

    Orlando Ramirez II was recognized and appointed by the Chief of Staff of the Spanish Army as “Ambassador of the Marca Ejercito” on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, during a ceremony at the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument in St. Augustine.

    This distinction for his portrayal of significant Spanish characters in history was awarded to Ramirez by a representative of the three military branches of Spain in the Central Command of the United States in Tampa, Brigadier General D. Eloy Celma Maquieira, and Lieutenant Colonel D. Pedro Peñarroya Grande.

    “For me, it is an honor to explore and teach the history of Spain during the time of colonization that helped build and raise the New Continent, the Americas, and beyond,” Ramirez said.  “How better to do this than by personifying and recreating the lives of the men who made it possible?”

    Also in attendance was Colonel D. Lazaro Albarracin Santa Cruz, Military Attaché of the Defense of Spain in Washington D.C. and the Honorary Vice-consul of Spain in Jacksonville, Sonia Perez Monreal de San Juan.

    “I appreciate all the support that the US National Park Service has given me”, Ramirez said.  “I would like to thank my fellow re-enactors who have joined me at so many events in the historic city of St. Augustine.”

    Ramirez described receiving this recognition as an honor.  The appointment is granted to a person who has the capacity to influence others by putting their image, prestige, and popularity at the service of the Marca without being a professional of the Armed Forces of Spain.  Recipients are significantly committed to the dissemination and strengthening of the positive image of the brand in the field.