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H W Davis
  • Put the Monuments Back campaign launched at Ravens vs Jaguars game today

    Kirk Lyons, a spokesman for the not-for-profit organization Save Southern Heritage Inc., informed local Historic City News reporters that prior to the kick-off of today’s football game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Baltimore Ravens, a private airplane towing a banner proclaiming the message, “Put the Monuments Back” will fly over the fans at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville.

    The leaders of the hometowns of each team have removed historical monuments and memorials in their cities.  Save Southern Heritage recently utilized a similar flyover to bring attention to the destruction of precious, perishable historic resources in Gainesville.  The flyovers are part of a broad campaign that also includes litigation and advocacy.

    “This is a Thanksgiving gift to the people of these cities who are suffering under these cancel culture tyrants,” Lyons said.  “We are letting the government officials know that the people will not be ignored.”

    A poll conducted by the organization in Jacksonville showed that 75% of the City opposed the removal of Confederate Veteran War Memorials on City property, according to Lyons.

    In the middle of the night on June 9, 2020, Mayor Lenny Curry reportedly desecrated the historic Hemming Plaza cenotaph in Jacksonville by removing the elements of the memorial in what Lyons calls “a knee-jerk cancel culture reaction to the death of George Floyd.”

    Lyons pointed out that Curry was following in the footsteps of Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh who removed four historic memorials in her city in 2017.  Pugh was later convicted of fraud, conspiracy, and tax charges and sentenced to three years in prison, Lyons reported.  “Mayor Curry used his executive authority to go against the will of the people,” Lyons protested. 

    Save Southern Heritage Inc. was started in 2015 after South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley reneged on previous agreements concerning how historic veterans and their symbols were to be treated and respected. 

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