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  • Vilano Beach Main Street announces new officers and board

    Sallie O’Hara, Executive Director of Vilano Beach Main Street, Inc., a Florida Main Street community, announced to local Historic City News reporters last week a “new beginning” for the organization; one of three community groups within the Vilano Beach and North Beach footprint that includes North Shore Improvement Association and the North Beach Community Alliance.

    Saying that the new year is a time for a new beginning, O’Hara introduced Linda LaCerva as the newly elected President for the Vilano Beach Main Street board.

    “The previous officers of the board of directors submitted their resignations coinciding with the December 31, 2021, expiration of their terms,” LaCerva said.  “The entire Vilano Beach Main Street board is committed to moving forward to preserve, maintain and improve the historic public use of the downtown area while maintaining the small beach community character.”

    LaCerva reported that a community meeting will be held in February when the incoming board members will introduce themselves and express what makes each of them uniquely qualified to lead. As soon as the date, time and location are finalized, LaCerva stated that O’Hara will share the meeting information.

    2022 Vilano Beach Main Street officers are as follows:

    • Linda LaCerva – President
    • Cindy Campbell-Taylor – Vice President
    • Joe Anderson – Treasurer
    • Sacha Martin – Secretary

    2022 Vilano Beach Main Street board members are:

    • Crawford Boyd
    • Laurie Barrancotto
    • Earl Jensen
    • Remy Jenson

    LaCerva shared her vision that with every new beginning comes a lot of work. While each of the three community groups has a niche focus, they all share one goal — to bring together the collective ideas, energy, and talent of the entire community to make Vilano Beach the best small beach community it can be.