About the editorial page

Historic City Undercover
The editorial page at Historic City News is where we will express opinions on topics that have been reviewed by a three person panel of guest editors.

The opinions published may not have been unanimously held; but they will reflect the major leaning of our editorial panelists.

From time to time we will also publish Letters to the Editor and Guest Editorials – the opinions held solely by the individual writer; not necessarily by Historic City News and Media editors or the editorial panelists.

We will also be compiling a series of editorials that are commentaries on public administration issues within our city and county government. This series of editorials will be titled, “Historic City Undercover”. I think you will enjoy them and find the “inside” view both informative and enlightening.

Agree or disagree with the opinions expressed – they are concluded based on actual experiences between our editorial reporters and representatives of our local government.

Please use our contact form to submit your letter or column for consideration.

Unlike other media sources in St. Augustine, we encourage lively debate on all opinions published and give you the power to voice objections or agreements any time you like.