Bank hit with $6,000 in forged checks

Prosperity Bank - Ponte Vedra Beach
Deputy Christopher Jones was called to Prosperity Bank in Ponte Vedra Beach on Friday to take a report concerning six forged payroll checks cashed at the branch over the past two days.

Checks totaling $6,184.47 that appeared to be issued by Salonen Marine Inc of Yulee, Florida, were cashed in amounts ranging between $753.26 and $1,421.97.

Bank employees reported that on both Wednesday and Thursday, three different people appeared at the same branch “within minutes of each other”. No suspicions were raised until bank personnel called Salonen Marine to verify the names and amounts of the cashed checks.

According to the incident report, the checks appeared very authentic; with multiple colors on the front and watermarks on the reverse side.

Using still images located through the drivers license numbers written on the checks by the tellers combined with video images taken from the surveillance cameras installed in the bank, Deputy Jones and the bank employees were able to positively identify five of the six suspects.

Charging affidavits were signed against the five identified suspects and the information concerning the sixth forgery suspect was forwarded to detectives in the Property Crimes Division for further verification and prosecution.

Contributed press photo.