Guest Column: Change or no change?

We are in a time when both Political parties are yelling “Change” several times an hour at God knows how much money a minute.

We are in a war that we haven’t won and that has cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars. We are in the middle of a financial/credit/market crisis unparalleled since 1929. We are in a time when thousands are losing their homes and more are losing their livelihoods, when there are no jobs, when kids can’t afford to go to college, when even states can’t raise the money to meet their monthly payrolls.

All this is based on problems generated by the way things have or are being done by our government.

In the midst of all that, with a proposed (albeit slap dash) cure on the table, our congress responded with the most flagrant example of (at worst) pork and (at best) log rolling that has ever been foisted on the American public. The real questions are does the public understand what has taken place and will they allow it to happen or which (if either) of the political parties crying CHANGE will address this.

Which will use it as an example of the change that is needed? Which Candidate/news bureau/part of the public will itemize the “add ons” to the relief bill with content and sponsor? Which will say here was business as usual in Congress. Here is why we are trillions in debt. Here is what you need to know about your Senator or Congressman before you vote again.

Here is what we are going to CHANGE.

Will it be Change or no change? It will be interesting to see.