Website delivers charter information

Cheryl Robitzsch
Many citizens feel that the most important local issue we have on the November 4th ballot is whether or not to change our form of local county government from the current Constitutional Home Rule to Charter Home Rule government.

In a recent meeting of the St. Johns County Board of Commissioners, three of the five member Board voted to spend up to $35,000 to “educate” county voters who voted down the proposed Charter in the Primary Election.

As should have been expected, there have been letters to the editor, community meetings and discussions on Internet forums, clubs, churches and coffee shops all around the county.

Most recently, Historic City News learned that one county resident, Cheryl Robitzsch, has created a website to present what she feels is important information for voters to consider before they go to the polls next month.

“If you want to know more about it and make an educated, responsible decision, please visit my web site at for more information” said Robitzsch.

Robitzsch also asked voters to be sure to read the letter to the editor from Bill Leary on the Opinions Page in the Monday, October 6th edition of The Record. “It’s the best un-biased letter I’ve seen to date. Thanks Bill!”, she said.

Robitzsch, who was a candidate for the County Commission District 1 seat four years ago, invites comments on the information she has presented saying, “Be sure to provide me with your feedback and any interests or concerns you may have on the site or the subject of Charter Government”.