Notes: September Airport Authority meeting

Airport Authority
Reba J. Ludlow
Airport Liaison

Total Economic Impacts associated with the St. Augustine Airport exceed $500 million annually. Companies that lease space at the St. Augustine Airport account for 2,767 jobs throughout St. Johns County. That Equals 5% of the total employed residents of St. Johns County. Source: 2007 St. Johns County Economic Development Council.

The first item of interest to report on are the hangars. SGJ has 42 new hangars available to rent. 32 are spoken for from the “Lateral Move list” which gives current tenants first choice.

Of those, some are not fully committed on paper yet. When the current tenants commit to moving into new hangars, it will free up
their current unit for the waiting list people.

There are approximately 140 remaining on the waiting list. The rents range from $325 to $490 and it appears that less than 1 in 3
people approached are taking the new hangars.

This may be due to the higher monthly rental amounts. The airport authority feels that the hangars will be full by the end of September.

The September Airport Authority meeting addressed the following;

The South development area timeline for more hangars to be constructed, including the “Public Use Building”.

The airport maintenance department is busy readying the old PGA hangar on the North side of airport for the new tenant, Spring Bay Aviation thereby permitting the PGA facilities/aircraft to be together in one place near the Galaxy operation.

Land clearing for the Customs building near the base of the tower has begun. Completion and occupancy projected by the end of
this year.

The Public Park development on the South East side of the airport is awaiting the fence line survey (in progress) and the site drawing is being developed currently.

The airport has received a grant to evaluate the touchdown area of Runway 13-31. Reason, they may replace the concrete with asphalt for more durability.

The Sea Plane Ramp facility is continuing to receive interest from outsiders flying into SGJ.

The regular meeting was adjourned to commence discussion of The Proposed 2008-2009 Budget Summary at the published time.

OTHER outstanding items of interest:

Candidates running for AIRPORT AUTHORITY BOARD seats;

Joe Lopinto, Herb Rippe, Jim Werter and Carl Youmans

Discussion is ongoing regarding SGJ having a second FBO. A feasibility study was requested & received resulting in advice to
delay acceptance for 2-3 years. The Board is continuing the application process.

We are still awaiting the core test results of Runway 2-20 as to its condition. Instigated by interested pilots who prefer to use
Runway 2-20.

David Knight, former SGJ Control Tower Manager has been promoted and Mark Napier has taken over Managerial duties. Keith Kildow has been approved as additional control tower employee.

Craig Air Center has begun twice a week flights from SGJ to Marsh Harbour in a Beech 1900. Fares approx. $500 round-trip. Days are Sunday and Thursdays. Service may be curtailed for months of September and October due to weather conditions.

Please check the updated St. Augustine Airport web page for more information, or contact me at 904-612-7236.